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We decided to not use an interval of 10 seconds for the more difficult task because we wanted subjects to get well enough distracted from the timing task. Because of the writing task, the experimenter took over the a part of pressing the stopwatch with individuals verbally saying the start and end of the interval.

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Rather, excited players could have reallocated attentional sources from the processing of time towards the processing of game-associated duties. This reallocation may have brought on time losses within the recreation that were subsequently measured by the timing task. Time manufacturing information had been analyzed with the statistical package SPSS (model 13.0). Repeated-measures analyses of variance had been performed, using the components of measuring-time (before and after a recreation session) and task kind (empty 10-s interval and stuffed 60-s interval).

They were detected by use of boxplots and have been information that lay more than 1.5 interquartile ranges lower than the primary quartile or 1.5 interquartile ranges larger than the third quartile. Since the time intervals differed in absolute length, the efficient time productions have been transformed into standardized production values by dividing the produced time by the respective commonplace time interval (Block & Zakay, 1997).

Correlational and regression analyses examined the connection between time production and variables probably linked to time perception. Due to the prospective design that we used to examine time notion, members were knowledgeable beforehand that they’ve to pay attention to the passage of time. For all timing duties, the stopwatch’s show was solely seen to the experimenters. The outcomes of the time productions were not reported to the individuals so as to forestall a studying effect that would affect the results on the second measuring-time. First, topics were asked to generate a ten-s interval by urgent a button of the stopwatch, once to start the measurement and then once more once they thought that 10 seconds had passed.

The interval was empty, i.e. no exercise was undertaken in the course of the interval and the topic could focus completely on preserving monitor of the passage of time. This time, nevertheless, subjects had been distracted from the temporal task by writing the alphabet backwards from Z to A onto a sheet of paper.